Thinking Outside the Box

Published February 2019


4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Creative Team

In today’s business world nothing makes a bigger impact than marketing, advertising, and other print and digital efforts. Choosing what to do for these important aspects of your company is a big decision that you should know all of the information before making. One option that companies have when deciding how their print and digital elements will be created is to build an “in-house” team. This is a group of individuals that work within your company and have their freedom with communication and marketing. This is hiring additional employees to create what you need.

The other option that companies have is to “outsource” the creative work and find a company that you hire specifically for your digital and print needs. The two options to choose from in themselves are very simple, but there are different pros and cons to each of them. It’s important to learn about both options and choose what is the right fit for your companies specific needs before making your decision.

Outsourcing has taken a large rise in percentage of companies using in the last few years, and in-house teams have taken a large dip. Outsourcing is on-trend and a great option for you to choose for your business. More and more companies are finding that choosing a firm to get their creative work from is easier than adding it to their company. There are many options to choose from with outsourcing and many pro’s to doing so. For right now, let’s think outside the box…let’s think outsourcing.

Why Should You Choose Outsourcing?

1. Many Different Options

The great thing about outsourcing your media work from a company is that there are so many great firms and organizations to choose from. You can find a large company with a number of great employees or support a small local business, but there are always options. It is easy to find a firm that gets everything you want

2. Fresh Perspective

Perspective can be the best and worst thing in a company, but you can always use more of it. Often times companies get stuck in their way of doing things and aren’t as up-to-date as they think they are or don’t have fresh ideas. Choosing an agency that can disconnect from the mundane office days gives room for the best ideas. Most outsourcing firms are primarily Marketing and Advertising and therefore are experienced and skilled in getting you just that.

3. Improving Focus

Your company was formed to reach very specific goals and do very unique tasks. Why add to the hassle and add distraction to your company by trying to lead a creative team when you could simply outsource? Productivity is such an important aspect to companies and adding to the job descriptions, the payroll, and the office work just adds to the confusion. You want your company to be stream-lined and focused on what your company was made to do. Clarifying your purpose is important, not adding to it. Outsourcing gives you the ability to grow your company while improving your company focus.

4. Cost Efficient

Here’s the reason you probably skipped right to, because it’s an important one. Money. Outsourcing is a great way to reduce and control operating costs of your business. You simplify both overhead costs and labor costs by choosing an outside resource instead of adding to these costs by creating an in-house team. Finding a company to pay for your advertising and creative services is the most cost-efficient way to go for your business.

Outsourcing Creative Factory

All of those 4 reasons and more are why you should highly consider outsourcing when it comes to your advertising, marketing, design, and all creative resources. Now, when it comes to choosing a company to hire on for these services, you want to choose one that fits what you need. Hiring a firm that is able to quickly respond, care about and follow your direction, manage everything you need, and more is very important. That is why Creative Factory is a great organization to choose for your companies creative outsourcing. We work with companies to develop a specific package that includes everything they need for their creative services. We offer digital advertising, print advertising, website creating and hosting, social media management, and more. Contact us today to get started on your companies creative package!

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