So You Want to Design a Logo?

Published December 2018


Whether you are at the place in your company to get your first logo, or you are due for a re-branded one, you’ve probably realized that what you decide to use as the logo for your brand is very important. Choosing one that is able to capture what you want to say to your audience and how you want it to look. A logo is one of the most important marks that your company will have and one of the loudest sayings you will have. You put it on everything, it is the center of everything you make and show to people, you are remembered by it, and it is something that stays very constant in your company. There are many ways to get a logo branded for your business, and many places you can go, but only a few of those options are actually the smart choice when deciding how to make or obtain your companies logo.

Finding Your Designer

What NOT to Do

First, if you’ve started by googling it, you’ve started off on the wrong foot. There isn’t a way to find a firm that will create a professional and appealing logo by googling “where to get a logo.” We’ll tell you that much. You might be wondering if you can just design your logo by yourself, or pay someone to do it for very cheap. The honest and easiest answer that we have for that is, that you probably don’t have the technology or the developed skill for it; and neither does that logo generator that you found online. The sites that you find when looking up logo-generators or random sites online are often full of legal issues, lack modification or input, and even though they seem cheap, you will lose in the long-run. We wish it was easier for you to find someone to make the perfect logo that you want, or be able to do it yourself, but it is much tricker than a simple internet search. Don’t lose hope just yet though, there are a few solid ways for you to get the logo you’ve wished for and that everyone will love.

What TO Do

There are many outstanding design and advertising companies that are more than willing to make you a logo for a strong brand presence, you just need to decide what is important to you.
Is a specific look important?
Do you want to take what you have and just modernize it?
Do you want a complete 360 change of your brands logo?
Is cost an important factor, or do you have a great spending budget for your logo?
What do you want your logo to represent about your company?
Do you want text, or no text in your logo?
Do you have a specific color scheme?

If you prioritize what you want and make that clear to who you are working with, you will get exactly what you want. Once you decide what those key factors are, we can point you in the right direction. Luckily, the great firms for you to work with are the ones that will be willing to hear your input and make both what you think will work and what they know will. The most important thing that we can suggest to you is to find yourself an agency, a firm, or a freelancer that you have your full confidence in. If you have been suggested a company, look into it. If you like a local design in your community, reach out to them and see who made it. Don’t be afraid to ask around for a design firm that gives you what you want with the budget that you have. Find a company that will work with what you want and make something that will stand out in the competition.

What WE Do

Here at Creative Factory, we have made and re-made many companies brands and logos. We don’t want to name-drop all of our business partnerships or say too much, but we’ve had the privilege of partnering with some amazing companies. There are many large businesses that have trusted us with designing their logo, and have loved the outcome. One business we’d love to highlight to you is of our recent designs for the Omaha local store, Mangelsen’s. We worked with them to re-create their logo from an outdated look to a modernized look. We created a colored option, white option, and kids option as well. Have you noticed? Take a look at their companies transformed look if you have a minute. We had so much fun partnering with them and have continued to work with them on other projects since then.

We consider ourselves the best of both worlds in designing logos for businesses. Why? We are able to work with your ideas and your budget. It is very hard to come across a firm that has reasonable prices for amazing designs, so we take pride in being able to have both. If you’re reading this and you have been looking for someone to take your brand and make an outstanding logo, you don’t need to go through all of the effort of searching for a firm. You’ve found one. Contact us today and we can get started on your brand new logo!

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