Choosing a Trustable Design Firm

Published October 2018


There are many options out there for your design needs. Large firms based out of big cities, medium sized firms in your city, small local firms, and more. So, the question is: “How do you choose one?” I’d even say the better question is: “What do you want in a Design Firm?” Do you want somewhere that has several employees you will never be in contact with? Do you want to be the 100th in line of priority? Or, do you want a company that prioritizes you, even in the small things. That focuses so individually on your company that everything lines up perfectly with what you want. That communicates openly and quickly with everyone in your business. How often do we expect to find a large agency that we trust. I mean, really trust?

Ensuring you hire a trustworthy design company is crucial to the outcome you are going to get. Put in the time to know what you’re getting yourself into. Look at different agencies and firms to choose one that stands out against the rest. Either a one designer team or more, trust is the key element. You want to be able to trust and lean on a designer with your full confidence in each project that they do for you. Placing your trust and confidence in something or someone new can be hard and time consuming, to make it easier on you, here’s a few key things we suggest looking for in a Design Firm.

  1. They Practice What They Preach

    We know that many firms say they use the latest technology, the most happening trends, or a certain approach to design, but make sure they have their proof. Have you seen their portfolio or some of their most recent work?

  2. You Have a Voice

    You don’t want an agency that is going to only do what they think is best. You have just as much of a say in the design process as they do and you should be treated as an important aspect. What you want, what your goals are for the project, and any input you have should be acknowledged and used as a guideline. A good firm will do what they want, but a great firm will take what you want and run with it for the final product.

  3. You Have Access to Them

    This might sound like a weird suggestion. Of course you have access to them, you’re hiring them. But, what kind of access to them do you have? If you’d like something changed, will they work on that right away, or will you wait a month until you hear back from them? If you email them a question, will it take 5-7 business days for a response? How much access do you have to their team?

  4. You Trust Them

    We mentioned this earlier, but the most important thing is trust. Do you trust the firm you are hiring? Do you like their policies, their work, and know that they stand by it? Do you trust that they’ll give you a good financial deal? Are they trustworthy?

Good luck in this process of choosing a firm, or maybe even switching firms. This isn’t about you choosing us to work with, we want you to choose a firm that will work the best for your needs, but we want you to be educated. We want this decision to go as smoothly as it can for you, and as exciting as it can be! We wish you the best and we’d just like to say:

you can trust us. 

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